Our Business

We pursue high quality and the lowest possible cost.

  Of course, that’s not easy.

  We have been striving for the best possible results with our best efforts and unstoppable passion.


  Are you looking to get the equipment at the lowest possible cost?
  It would be nice to get equipment in good condition in the first place, but the problem is the cost.
  Many parts are missing and worn out equipment is turned away from the market. However, we purchase such equipment and bring it back to its optimal state with skilled experience and technology.


  Is there a new process you want to implement? Please contact us if you would like to know what configuration the chambers need to be changed for that and what is needed to make this happen.

Deinstall / Relocation

  Do you have equipment you want to sell and want to remove it? We will do it for you at the lowest cost.
  Do you have equipment you want to move to a new fab? Even new equipment often doesn’t work if you move it to a new location and set it up again.

  Please feel free to contact us at any time.